Kerem Karpinski

Kerem Karpinski: Healer, Teacher, Musician

Kerem found her way to the Reiki path while studying massage in the late 90's, and became a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition in the year 2000. She is an advocate for simplicity, which is why she loves teaching Reiki as a personal and planetary healing tool. In her private healing practice, Kerem blends her skills in Reiki, intuitive-touch massage and sound healing to create a space for transformative shifts on all levels of being. As a teacher, Kerem loves sharing what she has learned with her students with honesty, humor and integrity, and tries not to take herself too seriously. Kerem has been drumming for over ten years and playing didgeridoo for three. She loves exploring the intersections of music and healing, energy and science, perceived reality and manifestation. Kerem continues to spread the light via the Two Geese School of Accessible Reiki (, which she founded with her love Erika Bardot. The two plan to settle in Seattle when the time is right.

Introduction to Usui Reiki

Presented with Erika Bardot.
Learn about universal healing energy that is available to all of us as a personal and planetary healing tool. Find out where the original Usui system of healing came from, how it works, and how it can be used. Get in touch with why you are being called to Reiki, and how it may enrich your life. Individual Level I attunements as well as private healing sessions can be arranged for a fee with the instructors, sign up at the Incus camp merchant area.


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