Felicia McNeill

Felicia McNeill has been weaving the spell of dance throughout her life. She performed with the Western Massachusetts belly dance troupe The Sisters of Salome from 1996-2000. Felicia has been teaching Belly dance since 1997 and continues to study and research this powerful dance. Felicia also works creatively as a costumer for Dance and Theater. She is currently touring the U.S. with Boston-based tribal band “Incus”.

Belly Dance: Body Waves and Snake Arms

The fire circle ritual calls us to bring energy through our bodies. Through developing a wide vocabulary of movement, we can free our self-expression, and be empowered to interact with each other as we move around the fire. Belly Dance brings out serpentine movements and isolations of the body. Beginners will have an introduction to this aspect of belly dance and more advanced dancers will be challenged to redefine their technique. Jason Cohen will beautifully accompany this workshop on accordion. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a scarf to tie around your hips!


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