Denise Navetta

Denise Navetta has an special education degree from Eastern Michigan University. For over 15 years, she used her degree on the road, as a "traveling science teacher". She had many companions while traveling, ranging from 12 foot pythons and Macaw parrots, to fruit bats and prairie dogs! She is now back in the special ed. classroom, at the middle school level, and her "critters" have accompanied her. Her main objective is to teach children and adults why it's important to remember that all of life is connected, and, as the "intelligent" species, we humans need to respect the Earth and all its creatures, maintain a balanced lifestyle, and fight against those who would harm the planet. She has also worked with children and adults who have emotional or physical disabilities, using "animal therapy" to help them grow.

Animal Magik

In this workshop, we will discuss the folklore and traditions surrounding animals in many cultures. We will learn about the mystical aspects of our animal kin, and discover how to find and honor our power animals. This workshop will include a Shamanic journey to search for our animal, and a chance to talk about and analyze our experience. We will also have the opportunity to spend some quality time with some amazing animals at the end of the workshop.

Animals and the Environment

This workshop details the many dangers faced by animals and our environment in today's world. This administration has been especially blatant in its' policies against our natural world. The impact is being felt by all of us who care about the environment. We will discuss the problems, but also talk about ways that we can help improve the situation...from political action, to practicing an ecologically balanced lifestyle. Participants will also have the opportunity to interact with 6-8, hand-raised exotic animals, ranging from frogs and snakes, to birds and a mammal.


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