Skip Ellison

Rev. Skip Ellison has been a member of Ar nDraiocht Fein since 1990, serving on its Mother Grove since 1992. He is currently ADF's Archdruid and Chief of the Magician's Guild. He was the grove Organizer for Muin Mound Grove, AFD in Syracuse, NY and became its second Senior Druid, a position he held since 1992.

A retired Industrial Electrician, he now tends his land and gardens, learns more about history, and travels around the US and Europe visiting ADF groves and talking about ADF at festivals. He has created a magical training system based on the trees of the forest, and has authored four books: The Wheel of the Year at Muin Mound Grove, ADF: A Cycle of Druid Rituals, The Druids' Alphabet: What Do We Know About the Oghams? and The Divine Liver - The Art and Science of Haruspicy as practiced by the Etruscans and Romans. His fourth book, The Solitary Druid: Walking the Path of Wisdom and Spirit will be in the stores in the summer of 2005.

ADF's Study Plan - Where Do We Stand?

The first stage of the ADF Study Plan is complete. We have Guilds guiding students through the program, and we've received feedback from them. This workshop looks at where we are today and discusses plans for where we want the SP to go.

The Divine Liver: The Art of Haruspicy

What is haruspicy? To the ancient Etruscans and later the Romans, Greeks, Celts and many others, it was the art and science of predicting the future from the entrails, especially the liver, of a sacrificed animal. While we do not sacrifice animals in our worship today, there is a card based system that allows us to still practice this form of divination.

What is Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship?

This workshop explores the organization and history of ADF, one of America's largest Neo-Pagan Druidic organizations. ADF's new Study Program and Guild structure will be discussed in detail.


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