Deborah Colón

Deborah's skill and emotional depth have earned her national recognition in Irish and Scottish circles for her fiddling on blistering reels, playful jigs and heartbreaking airs. She has been recording and performing professionally for over ten years, from Chicago and New York to the Bahamas. Her tremendous energy and presence in the music keep her in demand as a performer, studio musician and teacher. Deborah contributed outrageous fiddling to the three new tracks on Gaelic Storm's Billboard World-Music Charting Album (#2!) Special Reserve, adding her to the list of traditional Irish fiddlers to record on Nashville's Music Row.

Arranging Celtic Tunes or Songs for Performance

Learn to craft a tune or song into a performance piece. In this workshop we'll explore ways to arrange tunes and songs to put your creative stamp on them. We'll look at techniques such as adding or dropping voices, thickening with drones or harmonies, and using pieces of the melody out of context to add interest. Bring your instrument so we can create an arrangement in class.


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