Karl Clark Colón

Changeling guitarist and singer Karl Clark Colón is the perfect Celt: a delicate cross between a scholarly monk and a professional wrestler. One moment he's quietly hunched over his guitar, eyes closed, creating intimate soundscapes to highlight a lament or slow air, but in the blink of an eye he's stamping, shouting and leaping from the rafters in the spirit of a reel. His songs, stories and humor welcome and enthrall a crowd, helping them to discover that traditional music is best enjoyed among friends.

Celtic Songs o' War and Outlaws

Before B movies and late-night TV, the Celtic peoples entertained themselves & each other in the long evenings with songs and stories-- the bloodier the better. They also passed along their history and cultural values, sometimes coded in songs to hide their meaning from the authorities. Come hear stories of figures like Shane Crossagh and Johnny Cope, and bring along your own favorite outlaw or wartime song to share.


Bask in the Afterglow

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