Advanced Meditation and Astral Travel

Presented by Gavin & Yvonne Frost.

As much as we love and honor our miraculous bodies, it can be beneficial to leave them temporarily behind while we travel on spiritual business. The relationship between meditation, altered states of consciousness, and astral travel will be discussed, based on the Frosts' best selling Astral Travel. Prayer is only one side of the coin; listening for guidance is the other side. Answers come through meditation, but too much has been made of techniques - the logistics of the process. Here we describe the technique we have used successfully in thirty-plus years of empirical work, and take a simple, non grasping approach to meditation. There will be a discussion of understanding and using three different types of meditation; namely, active, passive, and astral. Particularly in the astral meditation phase, the presentation offers tips on finding an urgent necessity, what to expect in time travel, and how all this relates to getting the magical blue BMW.


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