An overview of Amcha: The Israeli Nature Spirituality

Presented by Eliesheva.

For the first time a complete overview at Starwood of the Am Ha Aretxz spiritual PAth aka Amcha. This is is intended to be interactive to a great degree; you will get an overview of the presenters' Tradition, known here as Am Ha Aretz (Amcha for short) a spiritual, Neo Tribal, Primitive Hebrew Tradition. This is a Peaceful Warrior path, rooted in the early kibbutz and in the "Lovers of the Soil" philosophy. We discuss the broad range of forms of spirituality in this Tradition,which includes, but is not limited, to Neo Pagan Polytheism; I will discuss examples of daily practice; trance work; cycles of the Seasons; some magical practices; and lastly we briefly present the neo-tribal principles that adoptees into the Tradition choose to accept as a condition for their adoption. Come prepared to question, learn, and teach.


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