Body of Energy

Presented by Jonathan Dickau.

The Ancients viewed Energy as an essential component of the Self. Modern Science has shown that all matter is comprised of energy, but many scientists view living things as though they were mechanisms, or collections of lifeless chemicals. Do you? In this workshop, Jonathan explores the matter-energy equivalence, and talks about the ways we can experience energy for ourselves. He relates some of the topics of Quantum Mechanics to Taoist and Yogic energy practices, and beliefs and teachings of various cultures (ancient and modern) regarding energy. We will discuss the scientific description of energy, and its relation to the material world, but no prior knowledge of Science is required.
This workshop includes some exercises for raising energy, and will attempt to give an overview of energy practices. We will focus on the range of practices available to us, and how we can utilize various techniques to have more energy in our lives, to be able to move energy and to transmute one form of energy into another, and also how to create calm or dispel bad vibes. There will be an overview of the energy centers, and the character of energies flowing in each. Participants will learn how they can use energetic practices to aid their ability to cope with adversity, how they can bring energy to bear during ritual observances, and how to ground themselves. There will also be some discussion of both healing practices and movement techniques involving energy.


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