Coming of Age: Can we make dreams of a Golden Age real?

Presented by Jonathan Dickau.

Is the coming age going to bring a new dawn for humanity? Will humans be able to evolve to an extent where the long-term survival of the planet becomes possible? This workshop is about the progression of individuals and cultures through the developmental stages leading to maturity, but it goes beyond what is taught in classes on Developmental Psych and Sociology, and explores the Evolutionary Spiral itself. In a world where it has become increasingly difficult to have meaningful loving relationships, and ever easier to be the slaves to our own machines, we can learn much from the life lessons of Aphrodite and Hephaestos. They are among the elder deities who desire to lift us up to the level where we can all become gods and goddesses. We each have that potential, but with great power comes great responsibility. Those who have gone are ready to teach us if we are adult enough to use our power wisely. Jonathan explains how ritual can open doors to new experiences for groups or individuals, what we can learn from elder beings, and what we need to know to allow this to happen safely


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