Heretical Witchcraft

Presented by Gavin & Yvonne Frost.

A detailed exposition of the underlying philosophy of the Church of Wicca, developed over more than 30 years since its founding. Understanding the Gods/Goddesses and each philosophical point, from the Wiccan Rede through Reincarnation. Wicca (the Craft) is not a fixed, dogmatic religion; it continues to evolve. The tolerance of diversity found in this Church has resulted in a truly democratic way of spirituality. All views have a chance to be heard and, provided they do not imply harm to anyone or claim that the speaker's path is the only one, they are accepted. A general overview on Wiccan philosophy is included, something many Wiccans need, and we will examine similarities and differences between groups to find common ground and learn to articulate our beliefs.


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