Occultism and the Academy

Presented by Jason Winslade.

In this workshop, we will consider the changing position of the occult within academics, as magick is being taken more and more seriously by scholars from a wide range of fields. Some of the basics of postmodern theory and occult philosophy will be presented as a new way for traditional scholarship to interact with magickal practice. To this end, I will introduce a manifesto that I have produced with other scholars calling for a return to the mysterious and the occult specifically within the fields of theatre and performance and generally within higher learning. We will determine the differences between an occultism that keeps knowledge hidden from all but an elite group and an occultism that reveals mysteries to all, based on my experiences teaching magick and occultism to college freshman. In general, I also will provide a forum to discuss our experiences of weaving our personal spiritual practices with our academic life.


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