Tantric Yoga: the Royal Path

Presented by Gavin & Yvonne Frost.

This workshop is based on the Frosts' book of the same title (now available in four languages and selling well in India; the first by a westerner to do so). It explores the use of gender differences, sexual energy, and the lunar cycle of orgasmic increase and decrease of endorphines which enable the participants to reach Nirvana via the royal kundalini path. This cycle will be compared to a Wiccan full-moon ritual utilizing gender difference, exploring the meaning and use of Chakras in the monthly cycle, which becomes clear only when the gods and the goddesses are separated; the Goddess Principle activates, and the God Principle illuminates. During a typical Chakra meditation attendees will explore the (East) Indian colors, sounds, tastes, and imagery of a Chakra bringing it into a Western frame of reference. Gender difference, a basic human driving force, has many pitfalls to its use in ritual and in small group situations. The Tantric system shows it can be harnessed successfully and ethically as a means to a higher end.


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