Two Trees: Magical vs Rabbinical Treatments of the Kabbalah, and How They Can Work Together

Presented by Richard Kaczynski.

In the 1400s, the Jewish mystical system called the kabbalah split into two very different streams: The magical system taught by western mystery schools like the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Golden Dawn, A.A. and O.T.O.; and the rabbinical system found in works by Aryeh Kaplan, Benjamin Blech and the like. This talk will delve into both traditions: It will begin by convering how the kabbalah is treated in the west, including the essential tools and building blocks needed to get the most out of one's initiations and magical studies (including the Tree of Life, tarot, correspondences, and how these relate to banishing rituals, the Middle Pillar, and Liber Resh). Next, it will cover teachings and methods from the "kosher" kabbalah that are rarely discussed by western magicians, but which enrich and expand the practice of kabbalistic magick, including the Lurianic Tree of Life, meditative exercises from Abulafia to the early Chasidic mystics, kabbalistic sex magick, and equidistant letter sequences.


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