Wanna-Blessed-Bes and Everyday Oracles: Magick and Pop Culture

Presented by Jason Winslade.

With the Harry Potter franchise still going strong, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer still generating popular and scholarly books, magicians and witches aren't disappearing from pop culture any time soon. Further, thanks to the efforts of OTO magician and author, Lon Milo DuQuette, even ceremonial magick and Qabalah (not the Madonna kind) are getting the pop treatment. As the magical worldview increasingly makes its presence known in pop culture, practitioners still wonder whether their deeply held beliefs are being trivialized and cheapened, or that these depictions are actually making a difference in providing positive models within the magickal community. In this workshop, we will discuss the implications of representing magick and occultism in popular media, particularly focusing on new manifestations on television, film and graphic novels, and also discussing Lon DuQuette's My Life With The Spirits, The Chicken Qabalah, and his most recent work, Everyday Oracles.


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