Don't forget to pack a radio when you come to Starwood.

Why? Because Starwood Festival Radio is on the air!

Located at 88.3FM we broadcast daily from 9am to 9pm during Starwood. Our primary mission is to provide information, news, announcements, workshop schedule updates, and weather EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES during your Starwood day. In between those breaks you'll hear the broadest and most eclectic mix of music and mayhem on any radio waves you care to sail. Our radio pirates spin music from the 1400s thru tomorrow including your favorite pagan cuts, along with

Our station is located in downtown Starwood and everyone is welcome to stop by and say hi. Tune in to Starwood Radio 88.3FM at your campsite and be hep to the latest goings-on at Starwood.

This has been a public service announcement by the Scurvey Dogues of Eris, Sea Nymph Cabal. Gar.

Download the Program Schedule and then Meet the Crew!

ROOFY's Morning Zoo

Join Roofy and his Chaotic Band of Pirates every morning from 9am - 10am. The Zoo will bring you the latest weather and information about the festival and our award winning traffic reports from downtown Brushwood..We'll take a journey through the years as we present an eclectic mix of music everyday. So join us with your cup of JO and a side of KAOS for your morning.

MidDay with Morgan. He's been time trippin since sometime around the brown acid, and sometimes he slows down long enough to sit down and play the music he's heard. If you know the words, sing along, he does.

Welcome to Toad's Wildride. I will make my debut on Thurs from 5-7. At that time I will give you Details on what going on in the Brushwood universe (you want the 411 I'll have that for you too) and some Disco and Dancing along the way as well. It will be a wildride so set sail with me on our Pirate ship. Then shake your Booty.....

The Discordian Radio Hour (From 1-3pm. That's still only an hour in Discordian time...) Join Gryphon and Krissy every day from one to three for an eclectic mix of music along with live perfomances and interviews with guest musicians and presenters. Look for treasured gems of classic rock amidst our usual musings on offbeat pagan philosophy, a running commentary about things we're not supposed to notice at a festival, overwhelming bad taste, and awkward periods of stunned silence. Don't miss our Erisian Spongebath Ritual translated for the first time from the ancient Greek into pantomime! Bring your kids by the station to meet the Stranger they should never talk to... because it still doesn't GET stranger than this!

Don't miss Jason's Hair Band Extravaganza airing thursday from 7 to 8pm on Starwood Radio. Get psyched up for your night while listening to the best rock'n'rol of the 1980's. Jason will be joined in the studio by the former lead singer of the Sleazy Eazy's, Jami McRock. The Sleazy Eazy's were an icon on LA's famous Sunset Strip in the late 1980's.
Right after the Hair Band Extravaganza Jason will be hosting our Midnight Masque Mask contest. Stop by the station and show off that mask you worked so hard on, who knows, you might win a prize. Judging starts at 8:30 pm. Before, during, and after the judging Jason will be spinning his favorite party songs for your pleasure. Join us in the studio for some singing along.

The original J-Daddy Radio show returns to Starwood for the third year in a row. Join Jason from 5-7pm as he plays the best contemporary Pagan music. He'll be playing stuff you've never heard as well as some all time Starwood favorites like Gaelic Storm. When Jason isn't behind the radio mic he can often be found presenting his own workshops or at the bar drinking a nice cold cider. Jason lives part of the year in Lansing Michigan, and the rest of the year in his own head.

From 7-9 Saturday evening join the NickelBagofFunk for some grooving, soulful, rock'n'roll. He'll have you nodding your head and tapping your feet as you get ready to head out on the town and close Starwood down in style. Chuck Mankey, the NickelBagofFunk, is a former college radio director, and is currently a disciple of the strange and offbeat. He'd tell you that his playlist is controlled by aliens if the microchip in his neck would let him...


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