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Faerie Woods High Tea Party & Dance

No details yet. But we're gonna have one.

The Faerie Woods Community Meeting

The Faerie Woods Community Meeting is an open house for the GLBT community at Starwood. This year in addition to our usual meet and greet we will be finalizing plans for the First Faerie Woods Art Project to be held on Thursday. Other topics will include networking, new programs of interest to the LGBT community at Starwood, and who is bringing what to the potluck. Over the past several years these meetings have led to the establishment of the Faerie Woods program area as a permanent site, The Stone Mound Memorial, and now the Faerie Woods Art Project.

The Faerie Woods Art Project

There will be an exhibition of artistic skills in the Faerie Woods. The Faerie Woods Art Project was concieved as a unique forum for the people of Starwood 25 (and now 26) to express their artistic vision. The woods will be decorated with masks, paintings and sculptures that various people have asked to display. Several musicians, spinners (no flames), jugglers,and dancers will participate. This is a small celebration of art and humanity in the larger context of the Starwood community. Everyone is welcome to participate and contribute their skills. Some of the art work may be available for sale at the discretion of the artists or owners. The Faerie Woods community meeting on Wednesday will serve as the meet & greet as well as a forum to co-ordinate the program.

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