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As usual, Starwood is veritably stuffed with dynamic, diverse World Music, from Didgeridoo Driven Eclectic Jazz, to Middle Eastern Fusion to the haunting sounds of Singing Crystal Bowls.

Here's the performance schedule as it now stands (subject to additions, juggling and shuffling):

Tuesday July 18th

Evening: Mulaguru

Wednesday July 19th

Lunchtime: Life in Balance
Evening: Raquy & the Cavemen
Late Night: ArcheDream
PufferDome Movie Night
Midnight Ritual: ADF - Druidic Ritual
Midnight Backfield: Time Machine

Thursday July 20th

Lunchtime: Awen
Evening: Bardic Concert with Brian Henke as MC
PufferDome: Life in Balance
Midnight Ritual: SpiritWeavers Church - Poseidon Ritual
Tranquility Base: Rumble in the Jungle
Midnight Backfield: Time Machine

Friday July 21st

Lunchtime: Kids' Concert (Concert for the Kids)
Evening: Revelry
Evening: Brian Auger's Oblivion Express
Late Night: Pyrosonic Island Show
PufferDome: Michael Bettine
Midnight Ritual: Jason Mankey - Dionysus Ritual
Midnight Backfield: Time Machine

Saturday July 22nd

Lunchtime: LochErie
Evening: Prem Das, Muruga Booker & Shakti
Evening: Starwood Jam Session
Evening: Stephen Kent & Trance Mission
The Bonfire

and more to be announced...

Back by popular demand...

Waking Dream presents performances with giant puppets and costumes throughout the festival. Participants are invited to help make costumes and puppets and perform with them throughout the week. Waking Dream will host workshops for adults making giant flowers and wings and helping with the completion of giant puppets, and workshops for children making scales for and performing with the Dream Dragon. Waking Dream presents the unexpected, and performances are interactive, improvised and spontaneous. Come join in the Waking Dream, the door is open to your creativity.

Pyrosonic Island Show - Pyronalysis

The Pyrosonic crew will get down to the essence of what fire is with Pyronalysis, a new multimedia work with a new electronic music soundtrack by Ron Slabe. We welcome the addition of STAR LASER FX, and applaud the relentless efforts and contributions of Starburner, Jason, Leslie,Jonathon (of Waking Dream) ,Mr.Tim, various and sundry Woodbusters, and assorted Firedancers. As Gandhi said: Journalism is a fine career...but spinning is better!

Legal Disclaimer: The management will not be held responsible for burns caused by molten brains dripping out of audience member's ears. And if you're prone to seizures...don't even think about it.

Bardic Stage

The Starwood Bardic Stage is a great way to show off your talent. If you play an instrument or can sing a song, we'd love to have you perform. Play, sing, or just come to be part of the audience. After the Bardic Stage be sure to join in the Midnight campwide OM...

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