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The Brushwood Folklore Center, our festival site, is 180 acres of majestic woodlands and rolling meadows, with a large pond and center island. In addition to the pool pavilion with its hot tub, downtown Brushwood now includes merchants galore, a 16 hour food court, a mini hardware store and other structures. There are plenty of portajohns & flush toilets and two shower areas. The gender segregated showers are a short walk from the main field and have mens and womens showers. The pool pavilion on the main field and has an open air shower area for everyone.

Although the days are glorious and warm, evenings and nights can get a little chilly, so bring some warm clothes.

Water faucets are spaced throughout the main field, and except for occasional pressure problems, water is easily available to carry back to your camp (bring jugs). Electrical hookups are scarce and need to be arranged through the site managers at Brushwood. Do not count on having electricity while at Starwood.

Ice is available for purchase from the main registration desk (top of the hill). Count on ice being $2.00 a 7 lb bag.

For the most part you will not be able to have your car parked near your camp (although you can drive in as close as possible to unload and load when you arrive and leave). We do not recommend trying to find a site and set up camp in the dark - plan to arrive with a few hours of daylight for time to register and settle in.

This is a semi-developed, clothing optional camping facility (no RV hook-ups). Sorry, NO DOGS are allowed at Starwood.

Bring safe lighting sources and grills or campstoves if you plan to cook. Don't leave candles, grills, etc. unattended. Firepits are OK, but must be filled in before leaving. NO fires in the woods without prior permission from Brushwood.

There are many wooded areas for shady camping, but the windy field requires sturdy camping equipment. Leave the cheap dining flies and thin aluminum poles at home, they will get destroyed quickly...


All participants in the Starwood Festival receive a program guide with schedule, speaker and workshop description and other handy information including a map of the features and facilities.

Last years map is available to view: Map-2005-gray.pdf (255KB).

An aerial photo of last years festival with certain landmarks highlighted. The trees obscure much of the camping area. The site entrance is off the bottom of the picture.

First Aid

First Aid Supplies are always available at the Safety Shack, a small building near the Pool House. In case of a medical emergency, contact First Aid at the Safety Shack or an A.C.E. or Brushwood Staff member immediately! Do not move anyone who is unconscious or has fallen! Wait for staff. Licensed physicians are at the nearby local hospital. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, register at First Aid so we can help you if you need us! Asthmatics, keep ventilators with you at all times. Wash all cuts or bites with soap and water before bandaging. If you start to feel bad, get thee to First Aid!

Local Hospitals include Westfield Memorial Hospital and WCA Hospital (in Jamestown). The local first responder is the Stanley Hose Company in Sherman, NY. An overview of Emergency Services for Chautauqua County is available from the State of New York Website.

Have fun, but play safe! Watch your sun exposure, drink plenty of water, and look out for one another. Sunscreen and condoms are always available at the Safety Shack. Remember, we love you...

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