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Midnight Rituals

Before you get your sarong in a twist, we're including Midnight Rituals under entertainment, because they have become such an integral part of the nighttime landscape at Starwood. That, and there wasn't room in the submenu under community...

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights feature a full scale midnight ritual highlighting some of the diverse traditions represented at Starwood.

Wednesday: Druidic Ritual lead by ADF

We will make offerings to the Ancestors, Nature Spirits and Deities in this Druidic Rite.

Thursday: The Foaming God Ritual lead by SpiritWeavers Church
(Ronn Walks With Fire and Raven)

Celebrate Poseidon. Honor the God of the Vast Waters by cavorting in his element, sea foam. For this ritual, bring only those items and clothing which will be unharmed by water. The bubbles used are non-toxic and water based. It is possible for the sea foam to be higher than a person standing but there will be no physical danger. It is not often one gets to experience the magical realms of Poseidon. Be Here. Be Wet. Be Blessed with the abundance of the Sea.

Friday: The Dionysus Ritual lead by Jason Mankey

For one night, allow yourself to be swept up in the mystery, might and magick that is Dionysus! Celebrate life through music, dance, love, and drink as we gather to worship the god of bards and bars. This is an interactive ritual, all set to the music of the Doors, full of poetry and motion. We'll also celebrate the bride of Dionysus, beautiful Ariadne-truly a Goddess and worthy of praise. Join us as we update the ancient rites for use in the 21st century.

Time Machine 2006

When? Wed. Thu. and Fri. nights, Midnight until you can't take it anymore.

Where? Located in the former location of the Puffer Dome.

Refreshments and chaos will be served.

Back once again with the ill behavior; $tarburner and Visitor bring the time travel freakout to Starwood once again. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of The Castle Beyond The Goblin City, the brand new 2006 Time Machine takes flight. This powerful vehicle travels at amazing speed through time and space. Through Visitor technology and $tarburner magick, The Time Machine has taken a quantum leap from the Castle to a sleek, futuristic jewel shaped sculpture.

Featuring the perverted alien shamanic sounds of Visitor, accompanied by the dazzling effects and performance art of $tarburner with Laser Light visuals (by Star Laser FX) and the return of dirty shadow puppets. Visitor's mutant psychedelic music will travel all through time visiting the 70s, 80s, and into the future of cybernetic electronic dance music. MC $tarburner will award prizes throughout the program for best costumes, Simpson's Trivia, and more.

The fabric of space and time will never be the same again.

$tarburner: Demigod of the fabulous BurningStar event, invites everyone attending this year's Starwood as his guest at this year's Burning Star, August 4 & 5. Please visit the 2006 Time Machine or the BurningStar website for more information

Visitor: Armed with live instruments, electronic tweak boxes, and DJ gear, Visitor is a psychedelic orchestra and an excursion into perversion. When Visitor is at the controls, prepare to be abducted under a tractor beam of music and sound which will be psychotically warped, manipulated, and probed into oblivion.

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