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The Pufferdome

Rising from the Earth like Gaia's glowing nipple, the Pufferdome is our unique workshop, late night club and performance space.

This year's program includes a Movie Night featuring a special selection of films and videos, a New Age concert and ritual with the Crystal Bowl and soundscape artists Life In Balance, and an amazing performance by gong and cymbal percussionist Michael Bettine.

ACE Co-Director Joseph Rothenberg will facilitate your participation in biofeedback-controlled video games including the ground breaking Journey to the Wild Divine and EEG (brainwave) operated controllers for Xbox and Playstation . Workshops will include hands on opportunities with The Breathwork Explorer: the only light sound frequency device controlled by your breathing, The Shaman: a light sound device using EEG (electrical brain activity) for frequency control and Audiostrobe: CD-controlled Light/Sound meditation programs. Feed your head and heart at the Pufferdome.

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