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Starwood Free Radio

Don't forget to pack a radio when you come to Starwood.

Why? Because Starwood Festival Radio is on the air!

Located at 88.3FM we broadcast daily from 9am to 9pm during Starwood. Our primary mission is to provide information, news, announcements, workshop schedule updates, and weather EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES during your Starwood day. In between those breaks you'll hear the broadest and most eclectic mix of music and mayhem on any radio waves you care to sail. Our radio pirates spin music from the 1400s thru tomorrow including your favorite pagan cuts, along with comedy, live interviews/sets with musical guests, hermaphrodite-on-the-street bits from our roaming reporters and the usual spontaneous wackiness.

Our station is located in downtown Starwood and everyone is welcome to stop by and say hi. Tune in to Starwood Radio 88.3FM at your campsite and be hep to the latest goings-on at Starwood.

Starwood Festival Radio 2006 On-air Schedule Extraordinaire!

Mornings and Early Afternoon
Tues-Sun. 9am-11am: Roofy's Morning Zoo
Tues-Sat. 11am-1pm Morgan's Mind Warp
Tues-Sat. 1pm-3pm Pope Gryphon's Discordian Discourse

PM Schedule

3pm-5pm Sari
5pm-7pm Toad
7pm-9pm Ed

3pm-5pm Thaelo
5pm-7pm Amy (the newest pirate!)
7pm-9pm Chuck M

3pm-5pm Mijman
5pm-7pm Toad
7pm-9pm Jason

3pm-5pm Sari
5pm-7pm Lansing Chuck
7pm-9pm Chuck M

3pm-5pm Lansing Chuck
5pm-7pm Jason
7pm-9pm Ed

Sunday - Wrap Party with First Mate Lord Roofy whenever everyone's conscious...

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