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On-line Registration

The pre-registration cut off date for Paypal was July 5, 2006.

Pay Pal Registration for Starwood 2006 is now closed.

On-line registration is through PayPal, a safe and easy to use online payment service. If you do not already have a Pay-Pal account, it's easy to set up and only takes a few minutes of your time. See for yourself...

Clicking on an 'Add to cart' button adds an instance of that item to your paypal shopping cart. Your cart will appear in a new browser window (or tab). You can edit or revise your selections from the cart.

Please follow the instructions carefully in the order presented. If you inadvertantly add something you may remove it from the cart in the cart view. Please make sure you include the name of each registered person and provide a valid e-mail address for confirmation purposes or to follow up with information or questions if need be.

For each registrant:

  1. Enter their name and e-mail address in the text field provided,
  2. Then click on the "add to cart" button,
  3. When the shopping cart appears:
    1. Return to this page (Continue Shopping) to add more names, e-mails, and continue registering (overwriting an earlier entry will not affect items already in the cart),
    2. Or continue to Secure Check OutGot something to say about your registration? Leave a note when you check out!

Paypal Data Removed.

Questions about this page or registration in general? Drop us a line at: registration at rosencomet dot com.

Refunds will be granted at our discretion but we reserve the right to retain a modest handling fee.

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