Raquy and the Cavemen

Raquy and the Cavemen of Brooklyn, NY, brings traditional Middle Eastern music and modern drumming to a heady peak. Raquy has travelled to many distant countries including those in the Middle East, Egypt and India, where she has experienced and absorbed vast amounts of musical culture. She uses all this knowledge to bring an amazing act to the stage. Raquy Danzinger performs with the dumbek and the kemenche, an instrument from Iran, which is much like a violin.

Raquy and the Cavemen allow the listener to experience the musical cultures from The Middle East and Egypt and fuse them with Liron Peled's hard rock drumming background. The name Cavemen is appropriate due to the rawness of the beats, and there is also a timeless property to the music that makes it impossible to dislike. The whole experience of the music takes you on a journey to the roots of Middle Eastern drumming and as soon as that kemenche starts flowing the trip goes deeper. Its sound is like a close stare into the eyes and soul of the Middle Eastern culture that lives inside the music. Raquy brings forth the experience of an ancient culture straight to the stage for everyone to reflect, react and rotate to.

The love that each band member has for their instrument is especially evident when they are all on stage. They move fluidly to the enchanted drumming, mystical kemenche and melodious recorder. Find one of their shows and be enriched, encouraged and energized. On-line dumbek tutorials and more at: raquy.com.

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