Trance Mission

Trance Mission joins the ranks of Jon Hassell, Steve Roach, and Robert Rich in exploring a primal, techno-tribal music. Stephen Kent's didgeridoo is a signature sound of the San Francisco group, but it's only part of a hallucinatory swirl of ancestral grooves mixed in modern atmospheres. Kenneth Newby's Asian wind instruments, John Loose's multilingual percussion, and the spinning improvisations of clarinets Beth Custer converge in incantatory soundscapes, with a lyricism that's uncommon for the genre.

Stephen Kent (didjeridu) is one of today's most respected and prolific didjeridu performers, bringing the ancient Aboriginal sound into a contemporary context. During a career which led him from his native South Africa to Australia, London, and San Francisco, Stephen has developed an approach that is unmistakably his own, exploring a broad range of playing styles and musical genres. Along the way he has amassed a catalogue of over a dozen critically acclaimed CDs, including four solo releases and others with his group projects Trance Mission, Beasts of Paradise and Lights In A Fat City.

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