$tarburner is a professional pyrotechnist, artist, fire safety instructor and flame effects specialist employed by Grucci Fireworks. He will be assisting with the pyrotechnics for the Island Show again this year. Last year he created "Shooting Star", a burning art installation at Burning Man. $tarburner is the administrator and chief pyrotechnist for the BurningStar Festival.

Fire Safety

This workshop introduces the novice to the proper handling of fire and flame: what to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do when working with fire. Topics include: candles, torches, campfires, pyrotechnics , proper use of fire extinguishers, fuels, wet weather campfires, proper clothing, gloves, safety glasses and other safety equipment. Attendees will marvel at demonstrations and a behind the scenes look at the World of Fire Art. "When playing with Fire, DON'T get Burned".

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