Jonny America

Jonny America is a pioneering spirit in the nation’s burgeoning “New Edge” movement. After working for the September 11th Fund, he founded the street theater/media group, Greene Dragon, whose “magical” political stunts made headlines across the country. When he turned thirty, Jonny started seeing energy (auras), had out-of-body experiences, met his spirit guides, and began a series of shamanic journeys with the spirit vine, ayahuasca. Through this process, he learned the healing techniques of
sound vibrations, kundalini, energy work, and multi-dimensional communication. He is currently the editor-in-chief of, where he writes the weekly column, “Notes From America,” commenting on the spiritual and political landscape of today. Jonny has been featured in media across the country, including CNN, MSNBC, The Village Voice, AM New York,, The Chicago Tribune, NPR, Time Magazine, Adbusters, and the cover of New York Magazine.

The Shaman Activist

Faced with rising fundamentalism, fear culture, and the destruction of the biosphere, the shaman activist plays a crucial role in providing us hope and visionary insight for invoking planetary change. Backed by recent discoveries in quantum physics and string theory, we will discuss the modern-day healing applications of this ancient alchemical science. Framed in a modern context, the workshop will focus on pragmatic techniques for setting intentions, holding sacred space, accessing intuitive knowledge and multidimensional wisdom, raising vibrational levels, opening magical possibilities, and utilizing the creative power of language to transform our realities in the world today.

Raising the Serpent

In Biblical myth, the snake in the Garden of Eden tempted humanity to eat from the tree of knowledge, spurring our transformation from tribalism to civilization, and from living in balance with nature to our current technological domination over her. As we’ve followed that myth close to its ultimate destructive end, it’s now time to follow the snake’s example and eat from a new tree. Through chanting, sound vibrations, meditation, and energy work, we will reawaken the ancient kundalini serpent in all of us, helping it to make its next climb up the tree of life (the spine). By raising this “fire energy,” we can unite polarities at the heart chakra, integrating the modern and the archaic while making steps towards a possible new leap in human consciousness.

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