Phoenix Avathar

Phoenix Avathar has been belly dancing for over 6 years, and has trained in a variety of styles, including cabaret, tribal fusion, American Tribal Style (ATS), and gothic belly dance. Throughout her life, Phoenix has found dancing to be one of the most passionate forms of self expression. Whether she is dancing around a bonfire, in a goth club, or in her living room, Phoenix is a constant belly dancer, and has been known to shimmy while making dinner, walking in a mall, or waiting in line at a check-out counter. Formerly a member and choreographer for Connecticut-based tribal fusion troupe Kadira Noor Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble, Phoenix currently teaches tribal belly dance classes in Worcester, Massachusetts and is a co-director of a tribal and fire fusion belly dance troupe, Primal Redemption.

Tribal Belly Dance Workshop I
Learning the Vocabulary

Tribal belly dance (more specifically, American Tribal Style) is an improvisational form which focuses on the communication between dancers in a troupe, or tribe. In an ATS troupe, members learn a vocabulary of movements and cues which they use to communicate through a completely improvised dance. This workshop will be geared toward beginners of belly dance as well as experienced dancers who are beginners in the tribal style. Phoenix will teach a variety of the basic moves that are essential for group improvisation, as well as some of the cues that her troupe, Primal Redemption, uses.

Tribal Belly Dance Workshop II
Combinations and Cues: Putting it all together

This workshop will be a continuation of the first tribal workshop where participants will learn more complex moves and will use the basic tribal vocabulary to put together combinations. By the end of this workshop, participants should be able to understand the idea of tribal style belly dance, and join in a group improvisation led by Phoenix.

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