Jill Baldwin

Jill Baldwin has been deeply involved in the North American Pagan and Wiccan community for over 15 years. Jill is the founder of the annual Eros party, a public pagan pansexual celebration of divine sexuality. An active Odyssean Priestess servicing the Wiccan Church of Canada for over a decade, Jill has led public circles and taught public classes in temples, groves and federal
penitentiaries throughout Ontario. Her private groups and covens have been as wide ranging and eclectic in focus as her formal education - from tool making to priesthood training, from environmental activism to "recreationist" Egyptian.

Universal Magical & Ethical Laws

Isn't the Wiccan Rede Enough? This workshop explores the definitions of "law" and "karma", and compares and contrasts man made vs. universal law, with an emphasis on the little known "Ethical Laws of Magic" and universal "Magical Laws".

The Laws in Magic and Daily Life

Examples of serious, comic, and "tricky" karmicly charged scenarios, a highly interactive discussion with talking stick. (Is there such a thing as right and wrong?)

The Spiritual within the Physical

This workshop offers some perspectives on energy and polarization, the Chakras, and energetic cycles in everyday life, with an emphasis on ancient vs. contemporary rites of passage. Also considered are the influences of pancultural archetypes and secret societies on "age of adulthood". What are the attitudes toward transexuality in contemporary and ancient societies?

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