Karina Blackheart

Karina Blackheart is an Initiate and Teacher of the Feri Tradition, and founder of BlackHeart, an intensive Feri training program. She has been facilitating workshops and training groups for fifteen years. She holds a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College where she graduated with honors. A Healer, Writer and a Mother, she is also a Ritual Performance Artist currently working with The Poets of Truth & Sex which is an outgrowth of her Feri coven in Massachusetts.

The Three Souls of Feri

In Feri Tradition we experience the human being as the physical embodiment of three souls: The Personal God/dess, the Talker and the Fetch. A brief historical and cross-cultural exploration reveals this system has been used in many religious and occult traditions. One of the core practices of Feri is the alignment of the 3 souls, so that we can allow for full possession by our Personal God/dess. Our goal is to slip out from under the enchantment of the Talker and the anxiety of the Fetch so we might come into the fullness of both our divine and human natures.

This workshop will introduce you to and allow for dialogue with the three Souls within you. Through the ecstatic experience of breathing, storing and sending manna (life-force/chi), you will learn to align your souls so they can work together in tandem to strengthen and empower your magic and all it touches! This workshop is ecstatic, experiential and appropriate for all levels.

Stalking Power: Danger & Delight in the Feri Tradition

Victor Anderson liked to say, “This path will either drive you mad, kill you or make you a poet.” In Feri, we seek power through the ecstatic - - in our ritual and prayer, in sex and cool water, in mad poetics and awed silence. Feri’s stalk power. Hunters, we move into and through the layers of reality and come up speaking poetry, our fists filled with healing, beauty, wisdom and magic. We seek the Black Heart of Innocence which is wild and free, unencumbered by self-derision--like a child dancing naked in the rain. We dance among the stars and our divine brethren, the Feri Gods. Danger and Delight grow upon the same stalk. In this workshop we will first discuss and then embody the powerful energy of Feri magic through Blue Fire Breathwork, inspired poetry, movement, vocalization and song. Come and Be the magic you ARE!

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