Rev. Dagmar Celeste

Rev. Dagmar Braun Celeste was born in Austria and later attended Oxford University in England where she met her husband, Richard F. Celeste, future governor of Ohio (1983-1991). Rev. Celeste serves as the executive director of the TYRIAN network . She holds a B.A. in Women's Studies and Public Policy and a Master's Degree in Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Ministry and is a licensed Polarity practitioner. In 2002 she was ordained together with the Danube7 as the first female American Roman Catholic Priest. []

She is a long standing professional Life Balance Coach who developed an individualized three-month coaching process designed to empower us to discover a life worth living by embracing the life we are truly called to. In 2002 she published We Can Do Together: Impressions of a Recovering Feminist First Lady.

Pilgrims Process: Called To Sing A New Song

The TYRIAN Network is a 501C3 organization created in 2000, whose mission is the empowerment of creativity, healing and peace. In 2004 with the help of The Cleveland Restoration Society we transformed an over 100 year old , dilapidated house, thought to have been a stop on the Underground Railroad, into The TYRIAN Oasis; an urban inter spiritual hermitage in the heart of Cleveland's Ohio City. Following in the footsteps of the Samaritan woman [John 4: 4], the TYRIAN Oasis welcomes urban pilgrims in need of spiritual libation, mental refreshment and physical respite.

We chose the name TYRIAN in honor of Lydia [Acts 16:13-15], who not only was a successful business woman trading in tyrian (purple) dyes and clothes, but also was the spiritual leader of the women in Thyatire, her hometown. As well as in honor of Brigid, the goddess and saint, whose mantle was reputed to be a shade of tyrian purple/blue and who was a great community builder and ordained bishop. TYRIAN offers individualized retreats and spiritual growth circles to those willing to launch into deep spiritual waters and we hope to continue to share with many the peace of our meditation room, the serenity of our garden and the use of over 2000 books in our Brigid Reading Room.

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