Elizabeth Cunningham

Elizabeth Cunningham is the author of The Maeve Chronicles, featuring the Celtic Mary Magdalen, aka Maeve, an archetypal brazen hussy. Elizabeth is also a counselor and director of the Center at High Valley where she leads wheel-of the-year celebrations and holds a monthly singing circle. She has been on the faculty of Rhianna Mirabella’s AkashaCon gathering for several years and has taught classes at The New Seminary in New York City on the Feminine Faces of the Divine.

Shamelessness 101: Embracing the Brazen Hussy

In the spirit of Maeve, her wild, red-haired Celtic Mary Magdalen, novelist Elizabeth Cunningham invites us to shed (if only for a moment) our various cloaks of shame and to catch a glimpse of the shameless beauty we often keep hidden. In safe space, though guided meditation, storytelling, song, and movement, we’ll begin to explore the source of our shame and to imagine what life might be like without it. Feel free to bring drums, rattles, scarves, and all manner of gaudy baubles.

From Chant to Enchantment: the art of improvisation

Come and sing your heart open! Singing can be a powerful for ritual tool for entrainment, raising energy, and entering a safe and ecstatic trance state. We’ll learn the seed syllables that make the wheels of the chakras go round and round. We will take simple chants and improvise with them. We will learn to trust our voices and our intuitions to create new chants in the moment, for the moment. Drums and rattles are welcome.

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