Raven Dana

Raven Dana is a Certified Life Coach with 29 years' experience in stress management & conflict resolution. She has a BA, is a Reiki Master, and is trained in N.L.P., Gestalt therapy, and mediation. Dana worked with phycisist Dan Winter PhD, former researcher for the HeartMath™ Institute and creator of the HeartLink biofeedback tool. In 1998-2000 she assisted him by lecturing about and participating in his research. Raven also trained and co-facilitated with author and psychotherapist Dr. Brad Blanton for three years, and is a Radical Honesty™ Trainer.

In August 2004 she was certified as a Clinical Handwriting Analyst, by internationally known experts Curtis and Bart Baggett. Raven travels the country facilitating workshops, and is a full time Life Coach specializing in stress reduction, communication and couples issues. Stress Wizard Coaching is in based in Ohio where she coaches in person and by phone.

The Occult Intelligence of the Heart

The wisdom of the still voice, of instinct and intuition is located in and through the human heart. Without being moderated by this deep intelligence, intellect becomes a jailer rather than a servant, causing our mind to run in paranoid circles rather than enjoying the power and pleasure of our true natures. Explore research and experience exercises that will bring you to a new and wonder filled realization of what it truly means to be a human being. Heart intelligence boosts your health, improves your relationships and opens your capacity to consciously create a life you love. Only recently has science taken a closer look at what ancient Egyptians, Sufi’s and other cultures have known about the potent magic of the heart. Join Raven Dana in opening to the resonant field that connects all human beings and all life everywhere. You will hear about the mysterious memory of heart cells, the special nervous system and frequency processor the heart possesses and tap into the forces the ancients knew were the gateways to the Universal Mind.

Awakening the True Heart Ritual

This ritual combines a Sufi walking meditation with a rite of passage that allows each participant to begin or enhance the process of true self realization by moving beyond the existing filters which limit one’s experiences, to the vital True Heart of Self which is a place of surrender to what is so in which suffering cannot exist. This ritual invites each participant to identify and lay aside his/her favorite way of suffering in favor of a practice in which the Witness, or True heart of Self rises above our illusions, to clarify our thoughts and actions. The ritual will begin with an inquiry, then walking in silence for short periods of time while meditating on specific aspects of reality to fully embody the emptiness in which everything is contained, and will conclude with a dynamic experience of heart magic and the ritual burning of our habitual suffering.

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