Michelle Dunkirk

Michelle Dunkirk is best known as a classically trained violinist and has studied through Julliard School of Music as well as in Indiana, England and Russia. She plays a variety of styles, from classical to blues to freelance improvisation flavored with an international eclectic flair. Michelle has performed in local venues from Orchestra Hall, to First Avenue and in churches, weddings, plays, conferences, clubs and concert halls. She has also performed internationally in Merida, Guatemala, England, Peru and Egypt. As a writer and composer, she has produced a CD, Desert Waterfall on her own publishing label, which was nominated for a music award. Michelle is a certified music teacher and teaches master classes from her music studio, plays in the core band for Women in Music Minnesota, featuring a showcase for women musicians, performers and song writers. Michelle is currently working on her third CD project entitled TrancenDance.

The Violin & the Fiddle I

Come join proffessional recording artist, performer and teacher Michelle Dunkirk to explore all aspects of the instrument. Whether you are a beginner, advanced player or just interested, there is something for you. Different styles will be demonstrated; classical, fiddle, swing, jazz, world-beat, improvisation, etc. (players welcomed-please bring violins)

The Violin & the Fiddle II

Further exploration of the violin, especially for players. (any level) We will explore differences in technique between styles, focus, pitch, mind set, creativity, bow hand, vibrato, amplifying the violin, and show you some helpful tricks of the trade. We will form a violin/fiddle improvisational orchestra. So, bring instruments and prepare to be inspired!

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