Ea is a member of the Green Faerie Grove of Columbus, Ohio, a queer pagan brotherhood, and a co-founder/co-facilitator of the Between the Worlds Men's Gathering. He is an initiate of the Minoan Brotherhood, a branch of traditional witchcraft for gay and bi men. Ea has studied paganism and ceremonial magick for the last 20 years and has been involved with the OTO and the OAI. He is a co-founder of the OAV, a Thelemic ceremonial order for gay and bi men. Ea is an entrepreneur, writer and artist from Columbus, Ohio.

Non-duality and Magickal Consciousness

For sometime, Polarity has been the central formula of western magick. This often leaves GLBT people wondering how to approach advanced topics like sex magick. This workshop will be a discussion on androgyny and non-duality in various paths and how GLBT people can begin to approach deity and magick without regard for polarity. We'll talk about various images of androgyny in world religions such as the bi-sexual gods and goddesses of India, the image of Baphomet, non-duality in Buddhism, and more. This is as much a discussion as a workshop so bring your own ideas about non-duality and magick.. The idea that non-duality is the next evolutionary step in magickal consciousness will also be discussed.

Queer Gods, Fruit Fly Goddesses and the Queer Spirit

As a queer people how do we view divinity so that it relates to our lives and our unique challenges? Do you find it hard to relate to a hetereosexual God and Goddess? In this workshop, we'll discuss some aspects of different Gods and Goddesses and how they can relate to queer people. We'll find ways to adapt myths and create new ones so that we can approach a deity that is as queer as we are. We'll also discuss non-dual notions of the divine such as the Queer Spirit: a concept used in the Green Faerie Grove and the Between the Worlds gathering.

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