Mary Eberspacher

Mary Eberspacher is a master of enhancing the intention of the healing process, individually and globally. Mary works various dimensional levels, using techniques such as toning, breath-work, bodywork, tarot and spiritual counseling. Ancient healing vibrations manifest through her and she is inspired by the spiritual vibrations of many masters i.e., Mary Magdalena, the Christ Consciousness, Sai Baba, Baba Ji, Mother Mary, as well as other inter-dimensional beings.

As a child Mary knew and somehow understood she was here for a purpose, and for a time was frightened by the flashes of in-sight she was given regarding her purpose. At a very young age she realized she was embarking on an earthly journey, which has been exciting and revealing. As she has walked her path, Mary has encountered many “interesting” and “mystical” experiences, which have been instrumental in guiding her on her journey.

Re-Aligning Our Spirit through Sound

A lecture/concert wherein the attendees participate experientially in a “sound healing” event. Using chanting and ancient sound to evoke the “I Am Presence” of all that participate. Collaborating with the “I Am Presence”, Mary energetically assist each person physically, emotionally and spiritually, for the highest good of each individual, and of the group, manifesting an experience that can only be lived to express.

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