Dagen Julty

Dagen Julty is a professional clown, a children's entertainer, an accomplished musician, an activist, a teacher, a father and an artist. He is co-founder of Circle Arts, Inc. in New York City and owner/operator of Fool's Paradise in Shutesbury, Mass. where he lives in community. Dagen has recently returned from a musical goodwill tour of Mexico. He leads workshops in clowning, sacred clowning and the creative process at various NE USA locations.

The Return of the Sacred Clown

In many and diverse cultures around the world, the Clown was revered as a religious leader in his own right. These Sacred Clowns would challenge our beliefs, tweek our concepts and question our realities. They were respected as messengers of the truth as they joked around, offended our values and stirred up trouble. It is high time for the wisdom of folly to re-enter our lives. We all suffer unnecessarily the grim and shallow realities of the modern world. One solution is to turn our lives upside down by tapping into the eternal wisdom of the Holy Fool. Join us as we re-connect with the edgy and joyful world of the Sacred Clown through theater and movement exercises, some historical perspective, and plenty of outrageous fun and games.

Cultivating Creative Madness

We are all familiar with the creative process as we continuously express ourselves in the course of our daily lives. And yet there is so much more available to us than simply beautifying our surroundings, making things work, or fixing what's broken. Artists have historically carried the torch of creative self-expression for all of us into the future by tapping into a mysterious, elusive and sometimes dangerous source of energy. Some call it divine inspiration and some call it creative madness. Join us as we delve into the world of unlimited creative possibilities through the vast media of the expressive arts. As a group we will immerse ourselves into the visual arts, creative movement, music and sound, theater, and the poetic muse. We will push our boundaries together in a safe, supportive, yet challenging space. No talent necessary - not for the faint of heart!

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