Henry Kilpatrick

Buddy Kilpatrick has been studying, picking, and eating wild edible mushrooms and plants for about 20 years. He was president of the Mycological Association of Washington in 2003 and was its newsletter editor for a number of years. Buddy has also taught adult education courses in mushroom foraging at Chautauqua Institution and Arlington County, VA Adult Education, and presented workshops at a number of Pagan events, including the Starwood Festival and Virginia Pagan Pride Day. He has a PhD in public policy from George Mason University, and in real life is an economic policy consultant and adjunct professor of policy.

Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushrooms have been used in Asia for medicinal purposes for a very long time. Some of these mushrooms may be found in the wild in the US and others may be purchased. This workshop will cover 20-30 mushrooms that are of known medicinal value, provide descriptions of each, discuss the available medical literature as well as the general field guides and websites, the marketers of the mushrooms and the variations in quality of those sold specifically as “food supplements.” It may also include a short field trip on the grounds if it is likely that any of these varieties could be found in the immediate area (this will depend on temperature, rainfall, etc. It is known by the instructor that the habitat supports several of these varieties).

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