Carrie Konyha

Carrie has been on a Pagan path for 20 years. She is a nationally renown professional psychic, spiritual counselor and teacher of metaphysics. Carrie is also a professional dancer and dance instructor who specializes in teaching the sacred and holistic dimensions of dance. Originally from Ohio, Carrie now resides in Sedona, AZ. She teaches and performs nationwide. Visit and

Dance Magic

Learn to consciously raise and direct energy with ritualistic dance. Workshop participants will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Dance Magic as we explore the dances of the elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit and techniques for spell casting with dance. Workshop also covers techniques for practicing dance magic as a form of moving meditation, personal empowerment and holistic healing. This comprehensive, introductory workshop provides participants with info needed to establish a Dance Magic practice of their own. Attendees are encouraged to put these principles into practice during festival rituals and drum circles.

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