Ralph Koziarski

Ralph Koziarski (aka Razul Kozi) first studied Massage and Palm Healing with Michio Kushi in 1974 in Hollywood, California. He became licensed for massage in Detroit in 1982. Then certified in Myomassology and Reflexology in 1984 by the International Myomassetic Federation. He is also certified by the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals. Razul was voted "Best of Detroit" for Massage in 1990, 1993, 1994 and 1995 by the Detroit Metro Times newspaper.

Kahi Loa

Kahi Loa is the ancient form of Hawaiian skin massage that is very gentle yet very powerful. A complete session of Kahi Loa will be taught with many variations for its use. The seven basic strokes are Fire, Water, Air, Stone, Plant, Animal and Human heartfelt touch and are done along with imagery and energy work. The Aloha Spirit and Philosophy will also be discussed. There will be fourteen pages of hand outs given to the participants. Please bring a mat, towel or blanket to lie on. Oil or lotion will be available, bring your own if you have a preference.

Self Massage

This workshop will include REFLEXOLOGY the science and art of points on the feet or hands that correlate to organs, areas or systems of the body. When massaged, these points are used to ease aches, pains, and discomforts; prevent illness; and maintain the health of the whole body. DO-IN oriental self massage will also be discussed, demonstrated, and practiced. Also, the concept and techniques of a POWER SHOWER, an energizing whole body wipe down, with stretching, that can be done in or outside of a shower. Everyone's invited - no experience necessary. Please bring a mat or blanket and towel.

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