Aaron Leitch

Aaron Leitch has been a scholar and spiritual seeker for almost two decades. His explorations have taken him into many fascinating areas of human spirituality, their history, and their modern practice. His writings (both in print and on the web) cover such varied fields as Middle Eastern Religion and Mythology, Shamanism, Solomonic mysticism, Neoplatonism, Hermeticism and Alchemy, Traditional Wicca and Neopaganism, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Thelema, Angelology, Qabalah, Enochiana, Psychology and Consciousness Expansion, Cyberspace, Modern Social Commentary, and several student resources. His most recent project is Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires, released by Llewllyn Worldwide in October 2005."

Also attending will be Carrie Mikell, who painted all of the original iconography for Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires. Both Aaron and Carrie are active practitioners of the Solomonic path.

Solomonic Mysticism

A discussion about Solomonic mysticism- aimed at myth-busting as well as presenting the Solomonic path as a living and viable spiritual tradition. Aaron will bring several Solomonic tools (some very obscure items!) for illustration and discussion. The presentation will end with a book-signing for Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires.

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