Mark Mansfield

Mark holds a Masters degree in Counseling and is a certified Heart Awakener and Reconnective Healer. He has been on a conscious evolutionary path for the past ten years and has been exposed to and practiced a wide range of teachings and tools during this time including Qi Gong, The Melchizedek Method, and most recently, sun-gazing. Personally he is a father and a poet. Professionally he is a behavior consultant for people with developmental disabilities and an energy healer. He strives to approach everything with an open heart and a smile.

Channeling Earth Ecstasy For Dancers

Last years workshop introduced a method through which you can activate your dantien (energy center in the body), connecting with and utilizing the energy of the earth for increased endurance. We will again look at the basic Qi Gong principles and methods for activating the dantien but this year we will also open and connect the heart through breathing exercises, meditation, and movement. Bringing in the heart will allow the Earth energy to open into ecstasy and allow you to dance all night long (or do anything else for that matter) with a big grin on your face. We will close in blissful practical application, dancing with some drummers (until we’ve got to move for the next workshop anyway). Mark studied with a Qi Gong Master for 3 years with a personal practice spanning nearly a decade. He has also studied numerous methods for opening the heart and counts dancing as one of his favorite pathways.

A God By Any Other Name Would Shine As Bright

The Egyptians called him Ra, to the Greeks he was Apollo, to the Celts, Lugh, in India he is known as Surya. The Sun God has appeared in one form or another in almost every polytheistic religion throughout history. Many cultures, from the Pueblo Indians to the Punjab Indians, have historically worshipped the Sun God through practices such as sun-bathing, breathing in the sun, and sun-gazing. In this workshop, we will explore the many faces of the Sun God throughout history. We will also discuss how to safely practice the above three forms of worshipping this one-faced God of many names as well as the benefits and cautions of a Sun worshipping practice. While we will actually practice the methods of sun-bathing and breathing in the sun during this workshop, due to safety considerations we will not be actually sun-gazing but rather, simply learning how to do it safely. Mark has studied numerous methods of conscious evolution over the past decade and has been an active sun worshipper for the past year.

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