Morgyn has been attending Starwood since 1985. He has taught classes in Shamanism and mushroom identification, organized Pagan gatherings (SPiRaL), presented workshops at Spiral and ELF and served as president of the Illinois Mycological Association. He is a published poet and writer; and is the Wizard-in-Charge of Magic Inc.

Healing the Wounded Heart

Have you ever been betrayed or dishonored? Have you opened your heart to another and been brokenhearted? Has this created a wound in your heart? In this powerful ritual we will visualize the heart wound as a thorn in our heart. We will remove it and replace it with the crystal mudra that you will create and empower. Expect to cry the tears of new found freedom. Ages 14+

Mysteries of the Mushroom

Medicinal Mushrooms (new information for compromised immune systems and general health).
Morgyn has this year (2006) been diagnosed as completely cancer free after having stage 4 cancer (cancer that starts one place and metastasizes to another place). Morgyn used medicinal mushrooms extensively in helping to cure his illness. Topics covered include:

  1. Psychoactive and Poisonous Mushrooms (religious use, the Berserkers, shamanic use).
  2. Edible Mushrooms
  3. Poisonous Mushrooms (one of the two undetectable poisons is a mushroom)
  4. Mushroom lore
  5. How to grow your own. Morgyn has been growing mushrooms for 30+ years.

This is an adults only workshop.

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