M. Macha NightMare

M. Macha NightMare, Priestess & Witch, is an author, teacher and ritualist, with a penchant for collaboration. An initiate, and among the founders of, Reclaiming Tradition Witchcraft, as well as Faery/Feri Tradition, Macha holds Elder and ministerial credentials through The Covenant of the Goddess (CoG), the oldest and largest non denominational organization of Witches in the USA. A member since 1981, she is a former National First Officer and has served the Covenant in many other capacities. She also is an ordained minister of the Communitarian Church in Vermont.

In 1997 Macha co-created, with Starhawk, The Pagan Book of Living and Dying: Practical Rituals, Prayers, Blessings, and Meditations on Crossing Over, and is author of Witchcraft and the Web: Weaving Pagan Traditions Online. She is also a contributor to Irish Spirit: Pagan, Celtic, Christian, Global. Her writing has appeared in many periodicals, and she has frequently spoken on behalf of the Craft in electronic and print media, and at colleges and universities.

Macha is also a participating member of The Biodiversity Project Spirituality Working Group; the Sacred Dying Foundation; the Marin Interfaith Council; the Ord Brighideach; and the Nature Religion Scholars Network. Her matron is Kali Ma. Her magical practice is inspired by feminism and a concern for the health of our planet, and is informed by Celtic, Hindu and Tibetan practices, the sacred art of tantra, and the magic of enchantment. When the opportunity presents itself, Macha travels the broomstick circuit, where she enjoys immersing herself in the diverse community that is American Witchcraft. She currently teaches at Cherry Hill [Pagan] Seminary in Bethel, VT, and is an all-round Pagan webweaver.

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