Michael Paoli

Michael Paoli, aka Vecchiano, has studied metaphysics and Taoism for over 30 years, and Saivism and paganism for the last 15 years, Reiki Master-Teacher for 3 years, and Temple Style Tai chi chuan instructor. An active member of B.O.T.A. (Builder’s Of The Adytum) in the Chicago – Milwaukee Pronaos #504 for 15 years he is currently the Chicago-Milwaukee Study Group Leader as well as member of Chicago’s Heartland Coven and the Harmony Council, and of course has been coming to Starwood for over a dozen years.

Paul Foster Case and the Pattern On The Trestleboard

Paul Foster Case, contemporary of Levi, Mathers, and Crowley was a key figure in the growth of occult studies in the U.S. during his time with Golden Dawn and founding of B.O.T.A. The Pattern on the Trestleboard, as first published in “True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order,” is a powerful series of affirmations and meditations on the Caballist Tree of Life. This workshop will present a biography and bibliography of PFC and statement by statement analysis of the Pattern and how to use it.

Ganesh: Who is this elephant headed god?

Pagans everywhere recognize the friendly pot-bellied elephant headed Hindu deity but few know much about this son of Lord Siva and Parvati. This workshop will center on various and even conflicting myths of his birth and how he got the elephant head. We will touch on his other symbols and weapons as well as his status as Remover of Obstacles, patron of scholars, and Lord of the Ganas, followed by an overview of typical Ganesa puja (worship) and practice a chant together.

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