Gypsy PhoenixFire

Gypsy PhoenixFire has been practicing some form of Spirituality for 23 years; an active member of the Pagan community for 15 years; and a participant at Starwood for 11 years. Gypsy has been a High Priestess of a Kemet (Egyptian) coven, of a Wiccan coven and is initiated in an African Traditional Religion. With her diverse background in Wicca, Spiritualism, Egyptian, Santeria, Candomble, Ifa and Gypsy Magick as well as an Anthropology Degree from Indiana University, she is an immeasurable resource for the Pagan community. Gypsy has been a drummer, dancer, singer and altar creator at hundreds of circles over the years and enjoys co-creating sacred space.

Creating a Working Altar

This workshop teaches how to construct a working altar, particularly in a multi-denominational ritual space. Create a theme, invocation or just a meditation space for your festival, circle or home. This ia a 2 part workshop which will need volunteer altar attendants and donations for fruit and supplies.

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