Wendy Raphael

Wendy Raphael has been a professional artist/ painter for over 15 years and a creative thinker her whole life. She owns & operates a creative commercial sign and display company in business since 1990 in NE Ohio. Attending Starwood for over a decade, she is known for her hairwraps and airbrushed costumes at festivals, and was the winner of the "Best Naked Butt Clothed" costume competition at Starwood 1998. She is also the creator of "The Fine Tymes", a non profit art publication for the support and encouragement of creative thinking- a coloring book for adults.

Firestarters for Any Weather

If you have ever been at Starwood during a rainfest, you know how difficult it is to start a fire with wet wood. We will make simple firestarters guaranteed to get things burning! Attending Starwood for over a decade and an avid camper her whole life, Wendy includes these firestarters on her "must haves list". We will make enough for several fires at your camp. Materials include: small dixie cups, cedar chips, wax and a little magic. We will make standard starters and some with special ingredience. She will tell fire stories and share some fire magic. Please bring any old candles or wax with you for recycling!

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