Christopher Rondina

Christopher Rondina has been an active member of the Pagan community for over 20 years, spending much of that time studying and conducting workshops on the traditions & beliefs underlying western myth, legend and folklore. Christopher is the author of The Vampire Hunter's Guide to New England, and is currently working on a new book about sacred shape-shifting and werewolf traditions.

Running with the Moon

Part I: The Shamanic Werewolf

Have you ever longed to reclaim your lost wildness and run free under the light of the moon? For centuries legends of shape-shifters and werewolves have been relegated to myths of hairy monsters roaming the forests or low-budget horror films. The truth behind the shape-shifter tradition runs much deeper however, originating in the sacred practices of our earliest ancestors. Join folklorist, storyteller and spiritual shape-shifter Christopher Rondina for an exploration of the role of mystical animal-warriors in Pagan history.

Part II: The Art of Spiritual Lycanthropy

Come howl with us! Cast aside your fears of wildness & discover the deep primeval landscape of your own consciousness - the beast within! In this session we will challenge modern views of feral or animalistic behavior, explore theories of practical shape-shifting and examine traditional methods including moonlight, trances, ointments and talismans. Spiritual Lycanthropy invites us to reclaim our sacred connection to the earth by stepping out of our human skins and embracing the wild within! Attendance at Running with the Moon Part-I is suggested but not required.

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