Zimra (Anne Delekta) has been performing and teaching dances of the Middle East for more than 16 years. Her studies include ethnic dance styles from North and West Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Spain, India, Central Asia and the Persian Gulf; she also explores modern and fusion styles of tribal belly dance and dancing with fire. She teaches workshops regularly at festivals such as Starwood, PSG and WicCan Fest.

The Guedra: Tuareg Dance of Blessing

The Guedra is a ritual dance of the Tuareg ("Blue People") of North Africa. The term refers to the dancer, the dance, and also the drum, which is a skin-covered cooking pot. The ritual is a combination of chanting, rhythmic clapping, and dancing, where the dancer, using gestures of the hands and arms, sends collected "good energy" out to the gathered people, the group, and the world. This will be a modified version of a traditional Guedra. All ages and genders are welcome. Please bring something to sit on, and come prepared to clap and chant.

Sacred Dance: Building a Practice

In this workshop we will explore the ways we can turn dance into a sacred spiritual practice. We will look at sacred dance from around the world and see what concepts and practices we can bring into our own lives. This workshop will include both lecture/discussion and actual dancing. All levels of experience and practice are welcome.

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