Ingrid Eyen

Dancing around Starwood bonfires for almost 20 years, Ingrid’s primary form of prayer and self-expression is dance. Classically trained and performing since the age of 10, she has studied a multitude of dance traditions, including West African, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Middle-Eastern Belly Dancing, Ballet, and most recently, Burlesque. She studied Dance and Psychology at The Ohio State University until her migration to Seattle, WA in 2001, where she now resides and performs.

By day, Ingrid is a Sex Educator at the feminist, sex-positive sex shop, Toys In Babeland. There, she gives advice and expertise on human sexuality, talks about toys of the trade, and teaches workshops for Babeland University (both in-store and outreach classes). By night, she is the founder of “The Amazing Grace Revival”, a Queer heathen variety show, where she is featured as Amazing Grace - dancer, musician, and Burlesque performer extraordinaire. Ingrid also plays upright bass and sings, performing in two bands: Captain Gravel, a 5-piece acoustic stringband, and Greenwood, folklove duo with her sweetheart, Joe Stevens. She enjoys lilacs, pizza, glitter, knives, crocheting, taking dirty pictures, and being a pagan queer femme.

Ritual Tools of Sex Magick

Do you find your sexual practices and your spiritual expression of the divine inseparable? Ever been curious about the vast array of sex toys out there and what doors they could potentially open in your body as well as your consciousness? Then, this workshop is for you. A modern day priestess at the Temple of Aphrodite (aka-Sex Educator at Toys in Babeland) and Tantric practitioner, Ingrid Eyen brings her training, knowledge, and personal experience to share with you about the magickal properties of sex toys and their place in spiritual sexuality.

A brief overview of Red & White Tantra, as well as a proper introduction to the world of sex toys will be covered. We will review pleasure-based anatomy, discover the different types of toys used for specific kinds of exploration and stimulation, and discuss their powerful potential in gender expression, role-play & BDSM. All the tools and techniques of divine loving can be used for solo or partner play, so everyone is welcome to learn and share in this workshop. This workshop is HANDS-OFF, CLOTHES-ON, and strictly lecture-based. All ages and levels welcome. Please come with your experience, desires, questions, and an open mind.


In the fire circles of Deadheads and Drummers, Gypsies and Ravers, Healers and Performance Artists--anything goes. Our dance is a true reflection of our inner light bouncing off our fellow firedancers. The primal call of the African and middle-eastern drum awakens in us the various dance traditions that have evolved from its rhythmic heartbeat.

Dancing in the studio, on the stage, and around the Starwood bonfires for almost 20 years, Ingrid has collected shards of earthy, funk-based movements and pieced them together to create a mosaic of dance she calls “AfroBellyHippieHop”. In this workshop, we will try-on moves taken from West African dance, Middle-Eastern Bellydance, Urban Hip Hop, and improvisational movement to stitch together our own funky signature style of body and soul expression. Let’s see what light we can shine on each other!

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